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LAND /dance performance

The performance is based on the research and records of the real stories, which have occurred during and after the Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabagh) War in 2020. It is a mirror reflection of loss, pain and thoughts which do not leave us alone. The history, should be re-evaluated. The awareness about the human toolkit to be cruel and merciless. We scream without voices by reminding ourselves about the losses of lives which are invaluable. The dance transformed into the inner movement, which is attached to feelings and sounds. The land isn’t a decoration of the performance he is an acting personage, a character and the real carrier of history.

Land …


Tsolak MLKE-Galstya


Tsolak MLKE-Galstyan

Shoghakat MLKE-Galstyan

Petros Ghazanchyan


Lusine MLKE-Galstyan

Eliza Baghdiyan