I’m mourning something nameless that has vanished into thin air.
And we didn’t even have a chance to say goodbye finding ourselves in-between times in a time instant.
Goodbye, Goodbye, old world!
Goodbye, old world and Hello the Tomorrow!

But where is it?

There is a feeling of being stuck in-between: in between here and then, in-between phases, moves or changes. With no chance to seeing the Then, we explore the uncertainty between life’s extremes: order and chaos, Heaven, Hell, and all the peculiarities in between.
We try to keep up, but we find that this is an uncanny territory: the trails are steep, the briars are sharp, and we are sometimes lost in the unknown and trapped inside the confines of our own fears. Movement is necessary but limited; change is inevitable, but the progression is minimal.

I recently discovered a term that describes this time of in-between. It’s called liminal space – the uncertain, disorienting place of transition. And in this valley of the In-Between, we do what is called Rebranding times and ourselves. Indeed, we play the rebranding game: ready to grow, ready to be, prepared to become.
So damn ready!

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