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HAMLET HOVSEPYAN. The Solitary of the Contemporary Art /video performances

As part of the Golden Apricot Film Festival, HayArt Cultural Center organizes a tribute event, a three-day, non-stop screening of Hamlet Hovsepian’s video performances.
On the evening of the first day of the show, July 11, at 19:00, a talk will be organized dedicated to the memory of Hamlet Hovsepyan. Let’s get together, talk about our friend, and try to look back on the great artist’s journey and legacy.

“In the forty-fifty-year history of Armenian modern art, it is impossible to find another artist, who would create an image of Armenia in terms of its scale, scope and depth, and tangible materiality. Being stuck in his land and working like a ploughshare all his life, this artist turned that land into a place, a real place of pilgrimage on the international map of modern art”. (Nazareth Karoyan)

Family members, artists, art critics, interested audience