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The car, TV or the computer – German inventions change the world. At the moment Germany ranks amongst the top 3 nations when it comes to patent registrations, and reports continued growth in the number of people employed in science and research.
The Goethe-Institut has dedicated an exhibition to Land of Inventors – Research in Germany, in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute and the Max Planck Society.
The exhibition focuses on world-changing German inventions across the scientific disciplines. The spotlight is on both historical discoveries and pioneering innovations – not forgetting to take a look at the research environment in Germany of course.
Intriguing quotes by famous personalities serve as an introduction to the seven themed areas: Computer Science, Energy, Mobility, Communication, Medicine, Optics and Material. Each category includes five to six exhibits that are each explained on an image/text panel, with pictures to illustrate. There are interactive elements to encourage you to have a go. Films and audio stations round off the package․

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