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LIBERATED CHAIR /performance

Identification with a brown, wooden, four-legged object with a straight back removes the human mind from knowing the pure essence of a chair. “The object we sit on” is wrong, or, at least, not right. We can stand on a chair, for example, to change the lamp. And we can sit on many things – […]

Festivals Music Performance

UNDER THE BARRELS /live concert

From “UNDER THE BARRELS” – hip-hop and electronic music Opening of the “UNDER THE BARRELS” precinct of HayArt Cultural Center.This is an area where young newcomers to the art world are free to express themselves, collaborate, and generate ideas. It is an art platform or open studio that is free of ratings, statuses or affiliation. […]

Festivals Performance Performance Art

PARAJANOV CORNER /a ritual research

I meet the other in his absence. Can I know him when he is no longer there? The common thread connecting us is the understanding of life as a window through which the images one observes are transformed into a succession of hybrid and dreamlike landscapes aimed at honouring memory, beauty, ancestors and the invisible.I […]

Festivals Performance Talks & Workshops

MEMORY WALKSCAPES /walking workshop

The participants of the workshop will walk around the city .. They will feel different ways of walking, guiding, being guided, perceiving the visible and the invisible, building individual maps of their journey. While walking through different parts of the city during the weekend, they will rediscover places they once thought they were familiar with. […]


PRG → EVN /live performance

When artists are performing abroad or just in other cities, before presenting their work, they first have to arrive at the performance site. Such a journey can involve months of planning, applying for grants and visas, getting vaccinations, searching for planes and land traffic connections, etc. In such cases, the travel can become an exciting […]



From soil, water, meat, sweets, tobacco, drink, sex, drugs, family, friend, parent, homeland, chair, walls, style, jewellery, opinion, care, from all kinds of material and non-material. What a feeling that? Creative or painful and pushing back, which does not allow to move freely? Live performance: Author and performer:Syuzi Hakobyan (Armenia)

Festivals Performance

GOD IS EVERYWHERE /video performance

Artist: Grigor Khachatryan (Armenia) 2022

Dance Festivals

I DANCE! /live performance

Performance vocabulary: name, maya, game, game-ik, truth, question, tatik, Action, war, Near, ether, love, lover, border, water, creature, face, alarm, real, land, night, Thursday lord, dance, neck. Artist: Hasmik Tangyan (Armenia)

Artist Talks Festivals


Talk show on the 15th anniversary of notable Iranian-Armenian artist and a pioneer of Iranian modern art Marcos Grigorian’s death. Participants: Evet Tajaryan, Nazareth Karoyan, Azat Sargsyan and all others

Festivals Visual Arts


In her artistic work, Astrid Busch deals with places and their experience. She examines architectural designs for their sensual perceptibility and their effect on people. The aesthetic experiences generated by the interaction of all senses flow into her works and are transferred into spatial installations. She uses those means that can be found in the […]