Artist Talks Talks & Workshops


Meeting with friends and colleagues on Armenian performance art archiving.
Let’s remember together and re-live what we have done over the years.

We dedicate the meeting to the memory of Hamlet Hovsepyan.
Moderator of the meeting: Marine Karoyan

After several months of work, and with the help and support of our dear friends, the ARé Cultural Foundation is ready to launch a new micro-site –”Anthology of Armenian Performance Art” – dedicated to collecting and preserving the happenings, performance art, and performative acts implemented by Armenian artists from the 70s to our day. We have archived a lot of material, changing video formats from VHS to digital when needed and adding texts of the performances’ concepts and descriptions.
You will also find research material/articles with even more information on the practice, influences and singularities of the Armenian performance art developments, and more deep thoughts about the background of the field.
Our podcasts serve as a living archive, an aggregator of lived experiences that unfold through a series of conversations with the performers and art historians (in Armenian).
This work is an ongoing process, and we will keep archiving the activities around this most ephemeral live art ever.

This project was implemented with the support of Hilfsfond of the German Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs.
Special thanks to Goethe-Zentrum-Eriwan