Performance Performance Art

“ADAPTATION” /live performance

“Adaptation” is an attempt to review the role assigned to the individual in a neoliberal society. The life forms forced by the system, where there are no new life changes and no natural idea, will be expressed with crusty concrete form. People who have appeared in the mechanism of the system seem to have become petrified, becoming a detail for some calculations. Cement is a homogeneous mass of several natural materials. Recycled for the second time, under the influence of other materials, it is changed and put in certain templates and hardened to perform some functions. “Adaptation” artwork is a performance. During the process, which will take several hours, I will make a concrete mortar, which will spread in a thin layer on the floor. After that, a certain amount of “square” surfaces will be symbols of a petrified society. I would like the work to remain as an installation until the end of the exhibition.

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