Փառատոններ Պերֆորմանս Performance Art

ՓԱՐԱՋԱՆՈՎԻ ԱՆԿՅՈՒՆ /տեղհատուկ ծիսական հետազոտություն

I meet the other in his absence.

Can I know him when he is no longer there?

The common thread connecting us is the understanding of life as a window through which the images one observes are transformed into a succession of hybrid and dreamlike landscapes aimed at honouring memory, beauty, ancestors and the invisible.I want to establish a magic circuit between Parajanov’s memories, archival images and symbols of the unconscious, and my own creative process to give a new form to a mirror-meeting in his absence. A requiem to a whole life of resistance, research of beauty and an ode to freedom. A pilgrimage that leads me to retrace the artist’s steps. And following his footsteps, like an initiatory journey, be able to find my own personal collages.

For me, it is a question of documenting Parajanov’s work, consulting the archives (letters, writings, audiovisual archives) and going to meet those who knew him. An investigation that will allow me to compile stories, images and anecdotes. We are all reflected in an attempt to reconstruct a memory, a collective memory. From these materials, I will create a form that will unfold during this period of documentation and writing and manifest itself in a performative installation, where collage, performance, sound and images will join in a symphony of souvenirs.

Le Coin Parajanov #2 will take the form of a ritual research performance in-situ.

Sound Installation: ASNAMUS
Performer: Ainara López (Spain)

Sound Installation:
Theatrum Phonosophicum /Leopoldo Siano & Shushan Hyusnunts (Germany)