HayArt at the DigiTec 2023 Expo

For the very first time, the DIGITEC High-Tech Expo featured an art organization – HayArt Cultural Center – as a full-fledged member of the event.

HayArt proudly showcased its presence with a dedicated booth, yet the artistic creations from the center reached far beyond the confines of the booth.These captivating works, blending the realms of art, science, and cutting-edge technology, were masterfully crafted by internationally acclaimed artists: Anna Frants (USA),, Alexandra Demetieva (Belgium), Nao Nishihara (Japan), and the collaborative efforts of Sergey Komarov and Alexei Grachev (Russia). These interactive installations added a distinct flavor to the entire expo area.

In a collaborative spirit, Cyland MediaArt Lab stood by HayArt as its partner throughout this groundbreaking event.

HayArt at the DigiTec 2023. Photo Gallery.