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My name is Amasia and I am inviting you to my first exhibition of contemporary illustration and video pieces. I will be sharing selected works from my personal visual diary with the public. The pen and ink simulate the aesthetics of the process of note-taking. The video art is a parallel form of documenting me.
Amasia Nizibilian
Rentgen Yerevan

One of the ways to survive and feel the city in a new way is to make it transparent. The tendency to confuse the intimate, the private with the public domain contains the experience and desire to reveal hidden, unseen stories.
In this project of Suren Tadevosyan, we witness the process of turning the skeleton of the city into a body, which gives an opportunity to rediscover the lost utopias.
Suren Tadevosyan
"Crossings: The Past & The Road Ahead"
A crossing is not a place for you, especially for thinking. It is nowhere. It's a path that stretches in front of you, which unites two different points: the one where you thought about crossing and the other where you will think about the way already crossed. That path became possible because there was a moment where you thought to reach another place. At that moment, you drew in your mind the line connecting those two places. The shortest one. You designed and built it in your mind.. Then the path you built in your mind became meaningful because it has become a road section, which you can and have to pass involuntarily. You can and have to pass it without thinking. Crossing as a challenge, crossing as overcoming, crossing as experience, crossing as knowledge.
If you decide to stop and think right now, right at the crossing, remember that you are going to cause a traffic jam. You should think before passing, or you will think after doing that, or you will think after, after, after… but only, not at this moment…

Idea: Nazareth Karoyan
Photo/Shooting: Ed Tadevossian
Script/Editing: Gagik Ghazareh
Installation: Vahram Galstyan
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