concert of electronic music
IS (live)
MVEQ (live)
HOV (live)
“Sloppy Sessionz”
open-air concert with local bands/musicians
Curator: Pnti Khoghovak
Musicians: Tigran Aleksanyan
Moment Hunter
about me is not about you
electronic audio-visual project
Curator: Bohemnots Radio
Participants: Vardan Harutyunyan
Kay Khachatryan
Vardan Sargsyan
Narek Buniatyan
The play "Goldfish" is about a newborn human who is hypersensitive, restless and awkward, striving to "Grow", "Expand", "Transform" before he has lived. To achieve his "Desire", he would take extreme steps ․ Constantly strive for "Infinite" and DENY "Death" ․․․
Fable author: Marina Abramovic
Performance director: Mariam Ghalayan
Performers: Arpine Mirzoyan, Tamara Aghajanyan
Stage design: Daniella Donatelle
“Every Day” 
Every day we move from point A to point B.
This is our daily routine. Every day we overcome barriers, expected or unexpected obstacles, inconveniences to get from point A to point B.
On our daily journey from point A to point B, our lives flow, which could have been easier, more convenient, and more manageable, but we must overcome the long-standing obstacles and barriers to getting from point A to B.
Every day…
The ground is burning under my feet.
Author/Artist: GayaneYeghiazaryan
“Connection Failure” 
When a word ceases to be audible and comprehensible, there is a need to make it visible and tangible. It is the body that must help us find new connections.
In between high-speed programs and systems, we have lost the sense of our own pace. The requirement to be concise, quick, and clear is affecting our lifespan and shortening it.
This performance is an attempt to achieve through our body language what we fail to achieve with words.
This is an opportunity to see broken connections on a small scale, to look for ways to recover them with some failing and successful experiments. Success is never guaranteed.
Choreograph: Anoush Sargsyan
Performers: Diana Movsisyan, Edita Hovhannisyan, Liana Te8zyan, Tina Hayrapetyan, Arpine Mirzoyan
“Adaptation” The work "Adaptation" is an attempt to review the role assigned to the individual in a neoliberal society. The life forms forced by the system, where there are no new life changes and no natural idea, will be expressed with crusty concrete form. People who have appeared in the mechanism of the system seem to have become petrified, becoming a detail for some calculations. Cement is a homogeneous mass of several natural materials. Recycled for the second time, under the influence of other materials, it is changed and put in certain templates and hardened to perform some functions. “Adaptation" artwork is a performance. During the process, which will take several hours, I will make a concrete mortar, which will spread in a thin layer on the floor. After that, a certain amount of "square" surfaces will be symbols of a petrified society. I would like the work to remain as an installation until the end of the exhibition.
Author/Artist: Grigor Muradyan
"Mapping Women's Stories"
"Mapping Women's Stories" is a project that reveals the intimate stories of women who have been victims of physical, psychological and mental abuse from childhood to adulthood. The project includes modern dance performances that reflect women's stories through performing arts.
Art Director: Tsolak MLKE-Galstyan
Performers: Liana Mkrtchyan, Inna Ghazaryan
Original music: Tiezerk Band
"Public Performance"
Crossing disciplines, specific approaches to the place, community involvement or programming concepts suited to the reality of the performance's context are some of the most important dimensions and trends in the development of public arts worldwide.
ARé Festival never miss an occasion to (re)think artistic creation in public space.
This year we invite you to acquaint yourself with four Swiss curators and artists telling about their experiences in creating art in public space touching the topics of public art format plurality, the stage for public art, their experiences, their performances, preferred spaces.

This program is implemented with the support of the Swiss
Artists/Curators featured: Romy Rüegger
Marie-Caroline Hominal
Martin Schick
Anna Anderegg
"Distant Connections - Public Intimacy"
Now more than ever, public space is an indispensable place to build civil society.
ARé festival is a continual experiment of communicating in public space and exploring public space as a vital part of democracy, freedom, and independence.
Socially engaged public art in public space can become the epicenter of social interactions by articulating the public's shared joys and frustrations of the current moment, and invoking site-specific stories lost in-betweens of the cultural amnesia.
The word “community” has lots of meanings and ways of manifesting itself: friendship, acceptance, connection, honesty, belonging, togetherness. We hope all these meanings gain new nuances after enjoying “doing art together” heading towards fostering social integration and innovation.
Participation is a right, not a gift. And we keep exploring it.
"..what buildings dream of"
Based on the performative research project GODOG 2021, which negotiates the otherness and coexistence of different entities, the artists Ramòn Graefenstein and Tanja Kodlin developed a text- and body-based interaction with the building of Hay-Art in Yerevan.
The performance interacts with the architectural structure of the building and uses its different levels metaphorically as a place of negotiation of interpersonal and non-human relations and hierarchies.
Authors/Artists: Ramòn Graefenstein, Tanja Kodlin
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