Dance Festivals

DISTANCE /live performance

Distance is a dimension that is created between people as a result of their actions. Individuals are busy creating distances. Self-isolation is in the space, where people are near you, but there is a distance between you and them. This is a chain of severance of ties and of taking the path of solitude consciously chosen by unconsciousness. The path will be permanently extended as there isn’t a demand of reaching each other. The society where everything is raised about, but no one listens to anything in that noise, because it is important an individual’s comfort not closeness or intimacy.

Distance as a universal tool for the solution of all problems.

Choreographer: Tsolak MLKE-Galstyan
Soloist: Tsolak MLKE-Galstyan
Performers: Liana Mkrtchyan; Inna Ghazaryan