Dance Performance

“CONNECTION FAILURE” /live performance

When a word ceases to be audible and comprehensible, there is a need to make it visible and tangible. It is the body that must help us find new connections.

In between high-speed programs and systems, we have lost the sense of our own pace. The requirement to be concise, quick, and clear is affecting our lifespan and shortening it.

This performance is an attempt to achieve through our body language what we fail to achieve with words.

This is an opportunity to see broken connections on a small scale, to look for ways to recover them with some failing and successful experiments. Success is never guaranteed.

Choreograph: Anoush Sargsyan

Performers: Diana Movsisyan, Edita Hovhannisyan, Liana Terzyan, Tina Hayrapetyan, Arpine Mirzoyan