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Physical Theatre Workshop

Gill Becher invited all those interested in Jacques Lecoq’s method to conduct a 2-day workshop around rituals for the different public spaces.
The work method arounded the physical theatre – the body as the architecture of emotions.

About the artists
Gil Becher is an artist and artistic director from Israel that works and creates in public spaces for over 30 years in Israel and Europe. He also has extensive experience of working with communities.
Oori Becher is a videographer, producer, and director. He also volunteers in social organizations for a greener and more empathic planet.

ARMA Theatre (the Hebrew initials of Earth, Wind, Water & Fire) was founded in 1990 by Lisa Jacobson and Gil Becher. ARMA theatre combines diverse work techniques, such as Physical theatre, Street theatre, site-specific and Bouffon theatre, clown work, plastic arts, dance, video art, architecture, light design and man-space-movement relations, indoors and outdoors.
They aspire to create artistic inter-cultural dialogues by realizing new theatre projects and cooperating with artists of different art domains. They make border-crossing, barrier-breaking projects bringing the artists and the audience together in the joy of creation and the love of theatre and the arts.