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Photofest. from analog to digital

From 09-13 of August 2021 the first Yerevan Photo Festival took place in “HayArt” Cultural Center.

Artist Talks Performance

Video Performances showcase and discussion

From its origin, which might be situated with Richard Wagner’s “Gesammtkunstwerk” it has always been far from easy to give a clear definition of performance art.

Artist Talks Talks & Workshops

THE BARRELS – Looking Back at the History of a Building

If growth is the goal, looking back is an invaluable tool. Nevertheless, reflecting on the past isn’t always easy.

Visual Arts


BACK & FORTH / Group Exhibition What are the issues and topics of concern for the artist today?Are the pivotal issues inherited from the past still relevant in today’s technological-informational chaos, when anyone can present or declare themselves as an artist on an online platform? What new opportunities and positive changes did the epidemic bring […]