Performance Performance Art

EVERY DAY /live performance

Every day we move from point A to point B.This is our daily routine. Every day we overcome barriers, expected or unexpected obstacles, inconveniences to get from point A to point B.On our daily journey from point A to point B, our lives flow, which could have been easier, more convenient, and more manageable, but […]



I’m mourning something nameless that has vanished into thin air.And we didn’t even have a chance to say goodbye finding ourselves in-between times in a time instant.Goodbye, Goodbye, old world!Goodbye, old world and Hello the Tomorrow! But where is it? There is a feeling of being stuck in-between: in between here and then, in-between phases, […]

Visual Arts

CROSSINGS: THE PAST & THE ROAD AHEAD /photo-video installation

A crossing is not a place for you to think. It is nowhere. It’s a path that stretches in front of you, which unites two different points: the one where you thought about crossing and the other where you will think about the way already crossed. That path became possible because there was a moment […]