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JENA JANG is a South Korean artist based in Prague, Czech Republic.
She received a master’s degree in animation and film from the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague and is pursuing a PhD in visual communication at the time-based media atelier at the University of Jan Evangelista Ústí nad Labem.
She has had an idea about her current doctoral research, “Contemporary Art of Healing (2019–),” since 2012, when she was going through the toughest period of her life when she suffered from insomnia, depression, skin irritations, headaches, and body pain. She has a strong connection with nature, especially trees. She feels the same as the roots of the trees on the planet. She wants to heal the planet through singing and dancing and wants to share purified, warm energy with the audience, which might have gone through tough times like her.
The artist’s practice is soaked with interest in the universal desire for spiritual life, a yearning for some higher power or intelligence, or to reach for something beyond.