• ARé Festival 2022/ INVERSION

    I wear a necklace cause I wanna know when I’m upside down. Mitch Hedberg. American stand-up comedian In our corner of the Universe, we do what we do. But why the state of things evokes concepts like paradox, confusion and disorder? Or are we just up to flipping nearly everything while looking forward to new […]

  • #Inversion// Parajanov Corner #2

    I meet the other in his absence. Can I know him when he is no longer there? The common thread connecting us is the understanding of life as a window through which the images one observes are transformed into a succession of hybrid and dreamlike landscapes aimed at honouring memory, beauty, ancestors and the invisible.I […]

  • Liberated Chair

    Identification with a brown, wooden, four-legged object with a straight back removes the human mind from knowing the pure essence of a chair. “The object we sit on” is wrong, or, at least, not right. We can stand on a chair, for example, to change the lamp. And we can sit on many things – […]

  • The Magic of Collage

    Theatrum Phonosophicum = philosophy + sound actionism. The Theatrum Phonosophicum is a constellation of ideas, thoughts, (sound) objects and performances. Until now, the idea of the “Theatrum” has been articulated by us in various ways: with podcasts (in which we talk about themes, works and artists that are close to our spirit); with various types […]

  • Under the Barrels

    Concert of Electronic MusicFirst Try

  • Memory Walkscapes

    The participants of the workshop will walk around the city .. They will feel different ways of walking, guiding, being guided, perceiving the visible and the invisible, building individual maps of their journey. While walking through different parts of the city during the weekend, they will rediscover places they once thought they were familiar with. […]

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